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Book of Australia: Outback Adventure In this episode, it is my pleasure to reminiscence about a trip I took to the other side of the world in Nov of 2016, during the Thanksgiving holiday. Me and a group of 6 other super smart and driven individuals, that ensued black excellence, traveled to the outback Sydney, AU 

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Want to find a flight deal that’s lower than your cell phone bill? Curious to know where the best hidden gems are in a new city? Intrigued to hear intimate stories of memorial experiences with close friends and family?


Traveling On Limekiln Pike, is a love letter to a lifetime of love for traveling. Consultant, M.B.A graduate and host Bryant Powellrecants memorial stories of past adventures across the globe!  Learn about new cultures, travel tips, top activities and experiences in amazing cities with a collection of in-depth stories of how a young professional, on a budget, can turn a trip into a lifelong treasure.